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Brainwashed Georgia Trump Congresswoman claims she filed articles of impeachment on Biden

A brainwashed Georgia Trump Congresswoman claims she filed Articles of Impeachment against President Joe Biden. Newly-elected Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene announced last week that she...

Biden executive order allows transgenders athletes to play in school sports

An executive order signed on President Biden's first day is making the homophobic community mad as hell.  An executive order signed by President Biden aimed at "preventing...

N.C. Governor Roy Cooper sends 300 National Guard members to Washington for inauguration

Democratic Governor Roy Cooper did not hesitate to send 300 members of the North Carolina National Guard to Washington, D.C. to help secure and...

Officials worried about possible inside attack at inauguration, National Guard troops being vetted

Welp! It looks like President-Elect Joe Biden's inauguration should be done via Zoom since the U.S. defense officials are saying they are worried about...

As unemployment lapse for Americans, President Trump is playing golf

While millions of Americans lose unemployment, Sunday, President Donald Trump was at his West Palm Beach, FL golf course, not giving a damn. Over the...

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