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Greensboro NC

Two dead in Greensboro, NC A&T off-campus homecoming block party ahead of Rapper Lil Baby concert

A 19-year-old North Carolina A&T freshman and 15-year-old Dudley High School student are dead after a shooting Tuesday night at a popular apartment complex...

Greensboro NC Bishop tries to solicit oral sex from trans woman on his wife’s birthday

Word On The CURB...a Greensboro, North Carolina, bishop has been caught in the dm's of a trans woman trying to get HEAD, HEAD, and...

Students at A&T in Greensboro are sick after mold found in dorm rooms, school under fire

The school that is known all around the world for the Greatest Homecoming On Earth (GHOE) is now becoming known for having mold in...

Greensboro N.C. Bishop accused of raping his own “goddaughter”, members say she his real daughter

Word On The Curb... a hoeing North Carolina bishop who can't seem to pick a wife and keep her nor keep his penis in...

911 call reveals former NAACP leader T. Anthony Spearman told alleged sexual assault victim he would “work it out”

The North Carolina Beat has obtained two 911 calls made at the residence of former NC NAACP President T. Anthony Spearman home in Greensboro,...

Former NC NAACP Prez T. Anthony Spearman was suspended from NAACP, members filed complaint in 2019

A former NC NAACP president who was recently found dead in his Greensboro, North Carolina home, Tuesday, July 19, was suspended from the NAACP...

VIDEO: 14-year-old student attacked by 8 other students and a 37-year-old parent at Southern Guilford High School

A 14-year-old student was assaulted Wednesday morning during class at Southern Guilford High School in Greensboro, North Carolina, by a group of students and a...

Reverend Gregory Drumwright manipulated, and mentally abused us, it felt like we couldn’t get away, woman says

PLEASE NOTE: The Woman In This Story Will Be Anonymous, Due To Possible Retaliation By Gregory Drumwright (All Receipts Are From This Anonymous Woman) A woman...

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