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ReOpenNC co-founder Ashley Smith calling for North Carolinians to burn their mask

Have a story I should report to the public? Send it to me at [email protected] Follow me on Twitter @GeraldJBlessed A Facebook group that Governor Roy...

#ReOpenNC protester charged with Second-Degree Trespass

One man was arrested at the #ReOpenNC Protest in Raleigh, Tuesday. State Capitol Police arrested and charged 45-year-old Jason Alan Lanier of California with second-degree...

ReOpenNC co-founder Ashley Smith speaks out about her unlawful arrest

Send me your story to [email protected] Follow me on Twitter @GeraldJBlessed In America, you would have never thought, or at least I wouldn't have, that police...

#ReOpenNC mass protest in Raleigh Tuesday, more than 1,000 showed last week

Tuesday, Raleigh streets will be packed with #ReOpenNC protesters from all around the state of North Carolina. Many who have come to the recent protests...

Governor Roy Cooper served with ‘Intent To Sue’ papers from #ReOpenNC Facebook group

Send me your story to [email protected] Follow me on Twitter @GeraldJBlessed The Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper has just been served with Intent To Sue...

Masses plan to protest in Raleigh Tuesday demanding NC Governor to #ReOpen North Carolina

A Mass of North Carolinians is set to protest in Raleigh, North Carolina Tuesday, April 21. The protests come after North Carolinians's say the number...

NC Senators questions Gov. Cooper’s order after protesters in Raleigh was told they are in violation

Two North Carolina Senators have sent a letter to Governor Roy Cooper to question him about the specifics of his executive order. Read what...

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