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Winston-Salem N.C. nurse fired over TikTok videos that disturbingly show her making fun of her patients

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A sleazebag nurse in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is now without a job after her clout chasing videos of her picking on patients dying, claiming to give them overdose amount of medication goes wrong, and she responds by telling all of the “haters” to catch her outside.

Kelly Morris, a former Licensed Practical Nurse at The Citadel Winston Salem nursing home located at 1900 W 1st St in Winston-Salem, would post videos on her struggling TikTok channel of how she treats her patients, from unplugging their ventilator to charge her cellphone to giving them an excessive amount of pills to go to sleep, so she doesn’t have to be bothered with them.

Kelly Morris

Now, it looks like Morris will have to take an excessive amount of pills herself, so she doesn’t lose sleep stressing over where she will get a new job, how she will feed her three children, or if her videos will lead authorities to uncover some crimes she may have committed during her tenure as a nurse.

The disturbing videos posted by Morris should concern health officials and families whose loved ones may have received or at the time were receiving care from Morris.

After Morris started receiving criticism about her videos from the start, she didn’t stop. The videos kept coming back to back and would get worse every time.

In one video posted by Morris, she made a video with the caption, “Me waking my patient up at 6:55 am to make sure they didn’t die from all the drugs I gave them to make them go to sleep.”


Another video posted by Morris is of her walking down the hallway with pills in her hand with the caption, “Me on my way to give my patients drugs so we can get some good sleep tonight.”


There’s no question about it that Morris is unfit to be a nurse in the state of North Carolina or anywhere else in this country because some of these videos may be Morris showing us exactly how she treats her patients.

Another disturbing video posted by Morris shows her throwing up the peace sign as in “I’m out” with the caption “The ACLS leaving my body when my 94 y/o vented patient codes.”

This woman is saying that she will not help a dying patient on a ventilator, and instead of giving them medical care, she will walk right out of the room.


Morris responded to whom she called her “Haters” with a video with Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli, “Catch me outside” voiceover.


Like I mentioned above, the videos got worse every time, and to be quite frank with you, every video posted by Morris was disturbing but what disturbed me is that this sleazebag and sorry ass excuse of a nurse had the nerve to make a video with the caption, “I’d unplug your vent to charge my cell phone.”

Morris may have deleted that specific video, but The North Carolina Beat obtained a screenshot of the video caption with Morris pictured on it.


The North Carolina Beat reached out to The Citadel Winston-Salem, and Denise Willard, an administrator at the facility, released the following statement:

The Citadel Winston-Salem was made aware of the TikTok videos made by an employee last week. Our team investigated the content and acted immediately. This use and unprofessional use of social media platforms by employees violated our core values and is not tolerated. Any form of residence abuse is never tolerated and be assured we have handled the situation and reported her actions to all appropriate state, local, and federal agencies. We love our residents here at Citadel with pride and protection every day. We are grateful for our global health care team that protects the elderly with pride in our profession.

Morris created a GoFundMe titled “TikTok got me fired, so feed my kids.” 

In the description of the GoFundMe, it reads “Hi my name is Kelly, the Karen’s of TikTok didn’t like my content and are working on getting me fired. I have 3 children that depend on me to eat. So I need all the Karen’s to donate and feed my kids.”

Looks like Morris should have thought about her children before she started making videos.

North Carolina Board of Nursing shows Morris LPN license still active as of Monday afternoon.


We reached out to Morris for comment, and she has not returned our email before posting this story; however, Morris has insisted in social media comments that the videos are just videos, and it doesn’t mean she has treated her patients in a cruel, inhumane way.




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  1. The State Bureau of Investigation needs to seize her up ASAP. As for feeding her kids, the State can do that when she goes to the slammer. The only good thing about TikTok is that it compels these narcissistic sociopaths to reveal themselves.


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